Need a little console inspiration or do you already have an awesomely branded console? Please share with the rest of the community.

We have a vry good handle on the console builder and the examples shown a re good. One thing extra we do is to rename each window. So for example why leave the window Slides as 'Slides. Call it something else like Interact with us, the title of the event or some headline grabber. People will see that just as much as the actual slides. So we do that with almost every widget window. Instead of Resource LIst it might be key information, contact us might be get in touch, etc. You get my point. But being bale ot upload background etc. is great. We also change the icon font set sometimes as well to match the theme of the room.

Our branding is very simple, so the console is as well. Although I'm always looking at ways to improve. I tend to get design-itchy after a few months and will change the look of the console. There are a few widgets I haven't had a chance to mess with yet that are on my to-do list.

We created our own widgets linked to our firm's various online resources.

We use a few different consoles/layouts depending on which webinar we are doing and who the audience will be. We try to have a simpler look and feel so that our message in the webinar can shine through.

I also use the same widgets at the bottom and customized those based on the audience. I always use the Resources, Survey, and QA widgets every time.

We have different branded consoles depending on the type of webcast we're doing. For example, we offer sponsored webcasts and for each of those, I custom design them to match the style of the sponsor.

We have custom branding and a custom made branding. As Darren mentioned we also rename a lot of our widgets for events and have custom widgets on some of our events.

Definitely room for improvement with our branded console. We have quite a dated design, but hopefully when we rebrand (fingers crossed for the end of the year!) we can implement a new design with custom widgets.

We have a template set up for different departments that use On24. This helps them have the same consistent look throughout the company with all webinar presentations.

very clear and clean

WOW!!! Excellent lively console.

Here is the first attempt for our branded console.

Love the use of webcam!

I had help from our creative team in re-branding our widgets so they matched our colors. Looks nice!

Interesting that all these examples are 16:9 ratio. When I have used that before, I've had a few people say it didn't work with their old screens. I wonder if anyone else has had that experience?

These are awesome. We've just hired on a graphic designer and I'm going to be working with her soon to get something better for us. I really like the simple approach with a list of resources and just the live media stream.

We have a custom branded VBC site but on regular webinars don't use that much custom branding, I think we can rethink this for 2017.

So far I've been happy with just standard colored backgrounds, but the custom backgrounds designed around the different modules make such a huge difference that we definitely need to work on that.

We've used a simple/standard console to date, but I like the ideas presented and look forward to implementing some new features.

Inspiration. Custom buttons. Ideas for using widgets.